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World Ninja League

March 23 & 24 Competition
Event Description

Registration closes on Wednesday, March 20 at 11:59pm
No refunds after Monday, March 18
We are capping each wave, so register early to secure your spot.

We are holding a *Challenge* Course and *Flow* Course
Both competitions will be held on the same day with the Challenge competition directly following the Flow course for each age group. You can register for one or both competitions.
For more information about the league, go to https://worldninjaleague.org/

  1. Register here: http://events.gripzgym.com
  2. Fill out the competitor info form here: https://forms.gle/tYgWG7BudneE1Xfe7

Single Comp Double Comp
  • $55 before March 1st
  • $95 before March 1st

If you are running in both comps, be sure to check both start times.
Schedule - Flow Course

  • Kids - Check-in: Saturday 9:30am
  • Mature Kids - Check-in: Saturday 11:30am
  • Preteens - Check-in: Saturday 2:00pm
  • Young Adult/Adults/Masters - Check-in: Sunday 10:00am
  • Teens/Elites - Check-in: Sunday 1:00pm

Run Order for Flow Comp

Schedule - Challenge Comp
**Challenge comp will start right after each wave finishes the flow course

  • Kids - Check-in: Saturday 11:00am
  • Mature Kids - Check-in: Saturday 1:00pm
  • Preteens - Check-in: Saturday 3:30pm
  • Young Adult/Adults/Masters - Check-in: Sunday 11:30am
  • Teens/Elites - Check-in: Sunday 2:30pm

Run Order for Challenge Comp

In-person walkthrough.

Age Groups

Your age group is based on your age as of January 1st, 2024

On-Floor Coaching

You must be a certified coach to be on the competition floor (walking with an athlete on the course and during walkthrough). You can find more info here: https://worldninjaleague.org/coaching-certification/

Livestream Information
Spectator Information

Each competitor will get 1 free spectator ticket. Additional tickets can be purchased at the door for $2.
Seating will be limited.

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